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Missing Scene for S3E01 - The Aftermath

Title: Not Going Back
Rating: PG
Summary: A missing scene from S3E01. How does Ryan come to the decision that he should run.

I started this, well after the season premiere. I have lots of little drabbles in progress that I never finished or posted. Sister Rose suggested a writing exercise that I get from point A to B - specifically how Ryan came to the decision to run. This is what I thought.

ETA: Unbetad and I don't own it

Dedicated to smc36, cuz I know tomorrow will be fine.

“I need to know that you’re telling me everything that happened.” Sandy said as he broke the news to Ryan that the police were issuing a warrant for his arrest.

Ryan looked up, his eyes filled with despair. “What difference does it make?” He stood up and brushed passed his guardian, walking out of the living room and into the pool house.

Sandy’s words had stabbed Ryan in the gut of his stomach, but he knew it was lawyer Sandy and not his dad-like figure. He looked around his room, trying to quell the swarm of words and ideas that were building in his head, pressing against the base of his skull, ready to explode.

He let out a long deep breath and angrily yanked down the open shades, so he could fully hide from the prying eyes of Sandy and Seth. Hopefully, they wouldn’t come in to talk and would give him his space.

Trey had talked to the cops. Trey had accused Ryan of shooting him. The thought crashed into him, like an uppercut slamming into his chin, banging his bottom teeth into his top ones. The pain made him double over.

It had always been him and Trey against the world. How could his brother betray him like that? How could his brother set him up so that he’d be sent to jail? Was this Trey’s revenge for the year and a half that he had been in jail while Ryan had the good life with the Cohens?

Ryan yanked off his tee shirt and thrust his hands into his waist band, jamming his sweats and boxer to the floor in one fell swoop. He grabbed a clean towel from the shelf and marched into the bathroom.

The thoughts wouldn’t stop crowding his head. Memories of showering in Juvie just two years before. The communal showers. Guards outside the door. The pushing, shoving, grabbing, the snide comments. The pent up fear that someone would take advantage or use him for a plaything. Ryan coughed, and spluttered, water dropping from the edge of his nose as he shook his head to kick the images from his mind.

He wasn’t going back. He wasn’t, he repeated to himself.

Ryan stepped out of the shower, holding onto the edge of the sink so he wouldn’t slip. He looked up and studied his reflection in the mirror. No, he wasn’t going back. Quickly, he got dressed and pulled down his duffel back from the top shelf of the closet.

Startled, he looked up as the pool house door squeaked. He’d been surprised that they had given him this much time alone. But it wasn’t Sandy.

“Hey,” Marissa said, trying to hide her surprise.

“Hey,” Ryan responded.

Seth and Summer followed Marissa into the pool house. Ryan could see Seth surveying the scene. “Hoodie, beater, and leather jacket. It’s a Ryan Atwood escapist ensemble.”
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