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Tonight's Episode

I felt guilty cutting off my mother mid sentence, because I heard the O.C. come one. She was telling me a touching story about how much my nieces and nephews have grown/matured since last year. But seriously, it was worth it, because The O.C. is on its way back....

Cohens + 1 Interaction has returned. I loved the teaser where Sandy insists on a family dinner and everyone wants to do their own thing. So true to life and makes sense (finally) in the past storytelling. They’ve been busy; life’s been hectic so they weren’t eating together. But now they are. Nitpick: Don't inmates have to reverse the charges. Sandy never accepts charges and Trey just calls from prison.

The rift between Ryan and Trey – old ways vs. new ways – rich vs. poor was drawn well. I could feel Ryan’s discomfort having his brother. And finally, they found a way to revisit the past without all those “annoying” lines. (I was never annoyed with the meta half as much as the rest my FLIST – so that observation was for you. But I always missed ¾ of the meta, so I could have just missed it this week.) The scene where Ryan finds the watch was predictable, but evoked the necessary emotions and the actors pulled it off. And that nasty man who was leering at the BoT punched my Ryan. A lot. Ryan got in a couple of good punches.

I loved: if it's a Ryan problem it's a Cohen problem. Seth trying to get out of school.

I’ve always loved Seth. But he really shined this week. This was the Seth that I fell in love with. He really listened to Ryan. Tried to advise him, but realized he was out of his league. And when he confessed to Summer that he was jealous of her being jealous of Zach, I waned to throw my arms around him.

I loved: The moment where Sandy and Ryan "flashback" to Juvie.

Julie rocks. I didn’t get what happened with Caleb. He brought the big bad men to beat up this guy. So how come he was up and about at the party the next evening. Or was Caleb in on the showing? He had the tape, didn’t he? Was this Caleb’s revenge?

Okay, it’s obvious Billy Campbell is going to cause problems with Kandy, but in the meanwhile, I liked the snuggling at the end of the show, waiting up for Ryan. Again, Cohen + 1 time. That’s the heart of the show baby. Though it’s Cohen + 2 now.

I’m not sure about NewTrey. I like what his character is doing. But I’m not sure about the actor. He has a chance.

BMcK YOU NEED A HAIRCUT. And yes I’m shouting. I really don’t like the hair.

We have to wait two weeks for the next episode. *sigh* I’ll have to deal.

On another note. I feel very loved tonight. My sister apparently wanted to buy me a present. She couldn't find something where she lives (and probably couldn't find someone to send it back.) So she calls my cousin and asks her to shop. Part of this, was to be a "food basket". My cousin picked out luggage for our annual trip to Florida. It's gorgeous and perfect. And then she called her sister (my other cousin) to find out all the foods I like. Water (flavored), Jelly beans, Whole Wheat Rolls I love, and licorice bits. Everyone was in on it. And I just feel very loved. Oh and the gift came with a note from my sister. This is after I hung up on her Sunday afternoon!

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