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Dulcey's Gift Part II

This was written as a gift for Dulcey... she posted the challenge and I accepted.

Here's her request:

PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Ryan, Seth, Julie, Caleb, and whoever else you want to add. As for pairings, um, non-slash, and preferably not Ryan/Marissa. Anything else goes.
PREFERRED LENGTH: how long do you want the story to be? At least a decent-sized one-shot (1,000+ words).
SCENARIO and PLOT: Kirsten and Sandy are going away for the weekend, but the boys have gotten into some sort of trouble recently, and they don't want to leave them home alone so they send Seth and Ryan to stay with Julie and Caleb.
SMUT: Not necessary, although if you want to add some DHR I won't complain a bit!
SPECIFICS: I'd like to see the boys trying to sneak out of the house, to meet their girlfriends or go to some party, anything that will result in them getting caught and trying to explain their way out of trouble. Caleb doesn't hate Ryan as much as in the past several episodes, and his giving the boys a talk about girls and sex is optional, but would be wonderful if you're so inclined.

Thanks again to chazper who read, reviewed, and corrected this chapter. And thanks to smc36 who identified what car Marissa drives this season.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of it... But I'll gladly exchange "my" library for a part of it. Yeah, I didn't think that would work.

To read Part One

Sandy and Kirsten walked the boys into Caleb’s house. Neither trusted them not to bolt. After the scene in the kitchen, where Sandy had threatened to ground them until eternity, the complaining had stopped. During the ensuing week, Seth had tried to dissuade his parents once or twice from the cruel and unusual punishment of staying in the “house on haunted hill,” to no avail. Eventually, Seth and Ryan just let it go and decided they just had to face the consequences of their actions. But Ryan saw the wheels turning behind Seth’s eyes. He knew Seth was planning something. He wasn’t sure what.

Marissa had laughed at them all week, and teased them mercilessly. Ryan had suggested she come home that weekend, since it was obvious her relationship with Alex was strained, but she refused. She claimed that they were going to L.A. to party with some of Alex’s friends. Ryan had shrugged, not disappointed, but hoping someone would distract Caleb and Julie from their houseguests.

Now they were there. Ryan took a deep breath as he waited for the door to open, wondering what the weekend would bring.

Julie answered the door, wearing a casual velour sweat suit; her hair was perfectly coiffed and her face was fully made-up. If his mom had been in sweats, thought Ryan, she would definitely be sans make-up, her hair would be disheveled and there was a good chance she’d be rip-roaring drunk. He shook his head to clear the image from his mind. Dawn was long gone from his life. It had been a year-and-a-half since he had last seen her and still she managed to creep into his thoughts.

“Ryan! Seth!” Julie wore a large insincere smile pasted across her face. “Welcome to our home.”

Ryan and Seth exchanged sideways glances. Seth arched his brows which made Ryan think that they were growing in and soon would be as bushy and unwieldy as Sandy’s. With deep breaths, they returned Julie’s smile.

“Come on boys. I’ll show you to your room.” Julie peered out behind Seth and Ryan and waved at Sandy and Kirsten. “Have fun. And good luck Kirsten. I know you’ll be awesome. Make your father proud.”

Kirsten grimaced. “Thanks Julie.” She stepped towards Seth and Ryan. “Behave yourselves boys. And we’ll call to check on you.”

“It’s not too late to change your mind.”

Kirsten sighed. “Seth. Don’t make this any harder than it already is.” She straightened his collar. “Have fun.”

He rolled his eyes. “You grounded us.” He looked like he was going to say something else, but his eyes slid to Julie and he clamped his mouth shut.

“Well, there’s a lot to do here.”

“I’m sure Grandpa has all the latest PlayStation games.”

She kissed his cheek. “Then make the best of this weekend,” she answered absently, not recognizing the sarcastic note in his voice. She turned to Ryan. “Thanks for not making this any harder than it is.” He rolled his eyes. “It won’t be that bad.” Kirsten’s heart dropped as Ryan cocked his head to the side and arched his brows. It was what Seth called the look that conveyed everything. She fidgeted with his plaid shirt, which he wore open over a wifebeater, and leaned in to give him a kiss. Ryan accepted it and she was grateful he wasn’t too mad at her. “Be good. We’ll call.”

“Have fun, Kirsten and don’t worry.” He hoisted his bag over his shoulder and followed Seth inside the house. He’d only been inside a few times. The first time was when he had just come back from Chino and had met up with Marissa to tell her about his summer. Then there had been a couple of errands that he had run for Kirsten and a Newport Group function that he had been forced to attend with the Cohens. He didn’t think he could ever get used to the house.

The large foyer was tiled with glossy speckled granite, sending shivers down Ryan’s spine. He glanced at Seth and noticed his brother was rubbing his bare arms. So he wasn’t the only one.

“You don’t mind bunking together? Do you?” Julie asked as she opened the door to a large bedroom. There were twin beds perpendicular to each other covered in matching blue plaid linen. It was very similar to the linen Seth had in his room.

“Sure, Julie, that’s okay,” Seth answered for them. He threw a look at Ryan. “So, um, we’ll be okay. No need to entertain us. We’ll find something to do.”

“Your parents said that you were grounded from going out this weekend. Something about spending the night in the mall.”

Seth tore his eyes away from Julie and concentrated on the room’s décor. Ryan’s eyes were glued to the plush blue carpet and felt his face burning. Had Sandy and Kirsten taken a billboard out in Time Square so everyone knew they had screwed up?

“Caleb thought we should have a family dinner, since you can’t make other plans. Marissa is in L.A. this weekend and Caitlyn is still in school. So it will just be the four of us.”

Ryan realized she was no more enthused about the idea than he was.

“In the meanwhile, make yourselves at home. Take a dip in the pool. Use the game room.” She held the edge of the door, as if she was about to leave. Ryan held his breath, hoping she would just go. “Dinner’s at six.”

“Thanks Julie. We’ll be fine.” Seth walked up behind her and grabbed the top of the door so he could close it after her. To Ryan it looked like he was subtly trying to edge her out of the room, but it wasn’t working.

Julie just glanced at her watch. “Did you eat lunch yet? Gilda, that’s our maid, she could prepare something for you.”

“No. Thank you. We ate before we came here. We’ll be fine.”

“Well. Okay. Um, if you need me, I’ll be around.”

They watched Julie leave. When she was out of their line of vision, Ryan punched Seth in the arm.

“Ow. Dude. What was that for?”

“We didn’t eat lunch. I’m hungry.”

“I know. So am I.”

“So Gilda could have fixed us something,” Ryan said through clenched teeth. “Or we could have gone to the kitchen and prepared something for ourselves. But now we have to wait until six or at least a couple of hours before we show up in the kitchen.”

Ryan groaned when he thought about dinner with the gruesome twosome. He’d never do anything wrong again. He’d be a saint until he turned eighteen. When Sandy and Kirsten called to check in, he’d beg for mercy. Maybe they would change their minds and let them got back home. A family dinner had not been part of the deal.

Seth flopped down on the bed, wrinkling the linen. “We are not hanging around here until six. We’re going to the pier and gorging ourselves at the diner.”

“Seth, we’re grounded.”

He rolled his eyes. “When did you become such a wuss? What happened to the bad boy from Chino that Dad brought home? Mom and Dad are on the way to San Francisco. Grandpa’s obviously not around and Julie is holed up somewhere. She won’t care.”

“Well, how are we going to get there? My bike is back at the house. So is your skateboard. Are we going to hoof it? It’ll take hours.”

Seth sighed as he slowly sat back up. “Do you always have to be the voice of reason?” He stroked his chin thoughtfully. “I got it!” He pumped a fist in the air. “We’ll borrow a car.”

Ryan held up his hands and backed away. “I’m not going there. Last time you borrowed your grandpa’s car the cops brought you home.”

Seth waved his arm as if to dismiss Ryan’s misgivings. “That was a huge misunderstanding. They won’t call the cops again.” He stopped to think. If they did call the cops his parents would be sure to find out. Ryan’s probation would be at risk. “Okay, this time I really have it.” He pumped the fist again, smiling devilishly, his dimples digging into his cheeks. “We’ll take Marissa’s car. I saw it in the driveway. They’ll just think she came back for it.”

“And where would the keys be?”

Seth groaned and fell back on the mattress. He stared at the ceiling, mutely. Ryan thought he might be counting the tiles. Suddenly, an impish grin spread across Seth’s face. His fist went up in the air and he slowly sat up.

“Before I scream I got it, can you think of any other holes in my plan?”

“Aside from the fact that when we’re caught your parents are going to kill us?” Ryan shook his head. “No.”

“Good. Good.” Seth rubbed his hands together. “I know they keep a key hook in the kitchen, near the back door. I bet Marissa put a copy there. We’ll check there. If not, there will probably be something in her room.”

Ryan sighed. Seth was onto a plan. He could let Seth go by himself, but he’d never hear the end of it. It was easier to just go along with the plan and face the consequences later. There were only twenty-four hours in a day and Sandy was a child advocate. He wouldn’t force them to watch a Stallone marathon for that long without a break. Seth, on the other hand, would harp on Ryan’s “wussiness” a lot longer than any punishment his parents might mete out. He hoped.

“Okay. Let’s do it.”

“Then let’s roll.”

Seth yanked open the bedroom door and stuck his head out of the door, looking both ways before he ducked out of the room. Ryan rolled his eyes and followed. Seth stopped suddenly at the top of the stairs and Ryan bumped into him.

“Sorry, man.”

“Ssshh!” Seth held up his finger to his lips. Dramatically, he peered in every which direction before tiptoeing down the stairs. “Follow me,” he said in a loud whisper, waving his hands.

Ryan resisted punching Seth hard in the arm. He followed Seth, who seemed confident in the layout, a few steps behind so that he didn’t rear end him again. Ryan was sure he would get lost. But Seth visited his grandfather a lot more often and spent more time in the Nichol home. Finally, after what seemed like an endless walk through rooms of elaborately decorated rooms, they arrived in the kitchen.

He looked around for the key hook Seth had mentioned, but didn’t see one. “Where is it?” he asked Seth.

“By the… door?” It turned into a question when Seth realized he didn’t see it. “It’s here somewhere. I know I saw it.” He scanned the walls, but didn’t find anything. “Maybe I saw it inside one of the cabinets?” He started opening them up one by one. On his third try he found it. “Bingo. Now help me find the one that goes to Marissa’s car.”

Ryan stood behind Seth and scanned the dizzying array of keys. “That one?” He pointed to a key. It says Mustang on it.”

“Makes sense.”

Seth grabbed it off the hook.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Both boys snapped around at Julie’s shrill voice. She was standing at the entrance of the kitchen, her hands crossed, tapping her foot expectantly.

“G- going for a dip in the pool,” Ryan stammered.

Julie rolled her eyes. “Sandy and Kirsten were right. Ryan, you are a terrible liar.”

Ryan’s face flushed. The next thing he’d find out was that Kirsten had shared his underwear size with Julie, just in case.

Julie held out her hand. “And the car keys were what?”

Seth reluctantly handed them over. “I was supposed to meet Summer at the pier,” he mumbled.

“Does Summer know you’re grounded?”

“You know, Julie,” Seth wheedled, “My parents never have to know. We won’t tell them if you don’t.”

“And face your mother’s wrath? Because you know she will find out. No thank you. Now go back up to your room and stay there.”

“Can’t we at least watch some T.V.?” Seth hadn’t noticed a television in their room. Which was sort of cheap of his grandfather. Grandpa could have afforded a television in each of the twenty thousand rooms in his mansion. “Hang out in the game room?”

Julie pursed her lips. “Maybe you should stick to your homework right now. I see too much freedom isn’t the best idea right now.”

Sheepishly, with heads hung low, Ryan and Seth filed out of the kitchen. Julie watched them thinking of Marissa and even Caitlyn who had barely reached her tween years. Boys were so much easier to handle than girls.

As soon as they halfway up the stairs, Seth shoved Ryan. “A dip in the pool? Couldn’t you go for the obvious, like looking for food?”

“Don’t put me in the position to lie. I don’t do well at it.”

“Then why do you always jump in?” Seth shook his head. “We’ll never get out of here now.”

Ryan whirled around on the fifth step. “Why didn’t you tell me we were going to meet Summer? What was I going to do while the two of you were making it out.”

“Hey, Ryan. You know I always have you covered. Summer was going to bring a friend.”

Ryan groaned. “I’m glad we got caught then.”

Back in their room, Seth flopped on his bed and Ryan pulled out his physics book. It was going to be a long weekend.
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