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Random Thoughts

I'm exhausted. I've had something like 15 hours sleep in the past three nights. I did more just last weekend! Anyway, here are some of my random thoughts from this week.

So Sunday is my friend’s birthday (we work together) and we knew one of her classes was planning a party for today. She was relieved that it was nixed, because while the AP gave the kids permission to have it (he didn’t ask if she minded a**hole) it was on condition that no one got in trouble the entire week. I guess he knew that they could never do it. Because one of the kids got into a fight, ended up in in-house and that was the end of the party. But this morning, I was going down to the office and someone was walking up with a huge flower arrangement. I thought it was from her fiancé but as it turns out it was from her class. I might add that it’s a tough bunch of kids. They can barely read in seventh grade. But obviously they feel loved. This doesn’t surprise me, because she’s a phenomenal teacher.

I’ve been feeling very lazy at work… though I worked harder this week than I have in months. I’ve been taking daily statistics of how many people use the library every day. I usually average 650. This week I went over 900. I am alone in the library. But even with 900 kids and teachers in and out all week, I did find time to check my LJ every so often, but you guys keep getting filtered! Something about too many inappropriate words. And when I go home and check, there’s nothing there. Ironically, Benspenis and motherfucker don’t get filtered.

There’s a new sub across the hall from me. He has a baby face, but he is seriously hot. (Though he shaved this morning and the scruff was even hotter.) He’s working in an inclusion, which means he’s team teaching. And his co-teacher is silicon-boobed hottie. I mean she shakes her assets all over the place and the other day L made a comment that this poor sub must leave work with a boner every day working with her. The thought still makes me grin. I know… I’m incorrigible.

It’s getting harder to talk to my grandmother. I’ve been so busy with my mother and work and LJ that I haven’t been paying much attention to her. I still call at least once a week. I deliver food (on my way to work, so she isn’t up) once a week. I do care for her, but not as much as she needs. And now she’s facing exploratory surgery, because she’s having a thyroid problem and they can’t find the cause of the problem, because it’s covered with growths. Okay, she doesn’t always understand things, and listening to her explanation is like being the last one in a game of Telephone. She just made me feel bad that I haven’t seen her in a while. And sheesh. Surgery at her age… she already broke her hip, 12 vertebras in the past seven months! How much an a person take?

And seriously, I had OC thoughts niggling in the back of my mind, but I can't remember what they are!
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