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So there's a famous librarian urban legend where a patron comes in looking for a book Oranges and Peaches and it turns out he's looking for the Origins of the Species. I had my version today. A student ran in and asked me for a book by H.G. Wells called the year. I look at her bewildered, because as far as I know, he doesn't have a book with that title. It took much cajoling, but as it turns out their teacher had asked them to find out the title of a book (it's a year) and it's about people looking over your shoulder. Okay, I got it then, but had to tell them that the author wasn't H.G. Wells and rather George Orwell. LOL. It was really funny. Anyway, they did get the title!

I'm seriously zonked. Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 a.m. for absolutely no reason. Then I had to work until 8 p.m. (I had a break from 3:30 to 6 - but I had to shop for groceries and other errands.Today, 4 a.m. I warned the kids that I was tired and cranky so they had to be quiet. And contrary to popular stereotype my library is anything BUT quite.

Off to cook and clean so I'm ready to watch The O.C. in two hours!
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