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Funny Date Stories

Okay, so I went out tonight… an interesting guy, but while talking to him I suddenly remembered this hilarious date story.
This happened five or six years ago. This guy wanted to take me out to eat and we were circling for a really long time and couldn’t find a spot. He was going to pull into a lot, but decided that he should make sure there was still a table available. So, he pulled out in front of the restaurant and leaves me in the car for a minute. While he’s inside, I witness some sort of altercation and not five minutes later the same guy comes back with a baseball bat and smashes in the restaurant window! The guy then runs in front of the car, crosses the street and jumps into a car. And the car drives off. My date, a short stout (and I’m being kind) man comes running out, yanks open the passenger-side door hands me his hat and asks, which way did he go. As if he was going to run after him. I point behind me and say that way. And seriously, he was going to run, (and what, leave me there?) until I stopped him when I said, he ran off in a car. Deflated, he says, oh, and climbs into the driver’s side and we find someplace else to eat.

Now it’s your turn. What funny date stories do you have to share?
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