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Oh some random thoughts I'm having today....

We have not had hot water in my building all day. I was okay, this morning, since I prepared by taking a shower last night after my workout. Which was pretty late... But I worked out today for an hour and the tank top is still wet, I sweat so much. My body is going to ache tomorrow if I don’t get a hot shower.

This was a letter to the editor in today’s NYT. I had to laugh, because I have a friend who works in the Tweed building and she’s said as much before.

Boss Tweed's Legacy

Published: March 13, 2005

To the Editor:
Re "If He Wanted a Stadium, There Would Be One," by Kenneth D. Ackerman (City Lore, March 6):
In 1869, at the height of the corrupt rule of Boss Tweed, the city's independent Board of Education was replaced by a mayoral agency called the Department of Education. Tweed wanted the independent board abolished to make it easier to control the schools' budget and thus to divert contracts to his political friends. He briefly succeeded.
How sad that today's Department of Education is housed in the Tweed Courthouse and has proudly accepted the name of the city's most notorious leader.
Diane Ravitch
Brooklyn Heights
The writer is a historian of education at New York University.

So I belong to a listserv about children’s literature and library services to children and teens. It’s a lot of fun. The other day, someone posted an interesting question. They wanted to start a fanfiction writing program in the library for teens. They questioned what are the legalities of posting the fiction on their website. I thought it was really really cool. But there’s an author on the list and she very (IMO) snottily said, not all authors appreciate fanfiction. My thoughts, why the hell not? I’d think it’s the highest compliment to your work if someone wants to mimic it. It’s not like you’re getting money for it. Just a little pleasure. I contemplated e-mailing the author privately, but decided I should keep my mouth shut. A) I’m new to this list and B) I probably wouldn’t be too polite.
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