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The end of fanfic apreciation week

You post a fave author for each day, March 6 through the 13. Tell why you picked them, give some links to their fic, say why you love them, their work, why they need more appreciation, and just wax poetic about your favorite authors for the entire week.

pressdbtwnpages is new to me with fanfic, but she’s written one of the best Summer Seth stories ever. Thankfully, the “RL” pain on the show is over, but pressdbtwnpages’s saga continues in Ocean’s Breath Salty. Actually, pressdbtwnpages has painted a much more realistic picture of Seth and Summer getting together. And of course, she’s killed Marissa. That’s always enjoyable.

chazper sucks me in with her writing. She’s attempted what we all want to see. She’s tested the Ryan and Seth bond in Collision Course. It’s like a roller coaster ride, waiting to see if they’ll be friends again. Oh and we share an interest in YA literature. I didn’t know that!

I know cianconnell has written more than Charity Begins At Home and it’s been ages since she’s finished it, but she gave me the first glimpse of what little Ryan may have been like and that haunting image has not left me. I think partly, it’s because I absolutely associated with one of the kids I worked with and there’s nothing like a RL association to keep you coming back to something. In anycase, cianconnell wins the prize for writing little Ryan.

Seriously, we don’t get enough fic from ctoan lately. But go back to some of her earlier fics, and that’s why I want some more. She has a sparse way of writing, yet conveys all the emotions necessary. Like how Ryan quietly declines being the Harbor salutatorian in Gradation or all that Kirsten and Ryan bonding in my favorite fic of hers, We're Going on a Road Trip.

Last but not least - silverweave what happened to that to do list where you had to finish up your last two chapters of Move On? silverweave managed to create one of my most favorite AUs in Bad Education. It’s lines like “splurge of verbal diarrhea” and other colorful writing that just make me enjoy silverweave’s fiction.

Okay, that’s the end of fanfic appreciation week. And I didn’t stick to the seven authors. Too hard to choose at the end. But what I did realize is that so many of my favorites aren’t updating as much as they used to. Is it RL, not enough inspiration from S2? Boredom with the show? Basically, I just want people to write more...
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