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Last Night's Episode

I really did enjoy last night’s episode, even with all its imperfections.

Let’s start with the opening Ryan/Seth moment which we have all grown to love. The angst that was piled on when Ryan finally blurted out for Seth to shut up was perfect. We were all waiting for Ryan to tell Seth to shut up and I liked how it stopped them both. That it shocked Ryan as much as it shocked Seth. I’m also glad that their friendship proved strong and they could get past the moment.

And it was nice to see that TPTB pay attention to the “Ryan Thread” and fanfic, because I liked the fact that the angst was more about being left again, not just being left by a girl. *sigh* hoping for more exploration there. Not really expecting it though.

The mall scene was cute, if implausible. I definitely used some willing suspension there, but I did love the hockey scene and felt that for a change they were acting like real teenagers. I also appreciated that they called home. Even Summer who has the absentee parents it seems. I was LOL how Summer and Marissa felt the need to lie, whereas Seth had no problem telling his parents the truth. Though that scene just made me realize how absent Kandy have been from their son’s lives. Come on, where was that phone call saying, get the hell out of the mall. You are not staying there all night. (p,d,p) Not to mention where were Kandy or at least half of Kandy when Ryan is lying in bed all depressed. And why didn’t Kirsten even mention how she felt about her sister leaving?

Sandy and Caleb are my favorites. (And did I hear Alan Dale's accent in the scene where's he's sitting on the floor?) I don’t want them to ever totally make-up. I love their awkward friends, but not friends relationship. Come on, we know they like each other. It’s so obvious. But I still like the digs they take at each other. Caleb going to get more quarters for Sandy… sweet. How can you not like a guy who wants to make it up to your daughter that much?

I had no opinion on the newest addition to the cast. Julie was magnificent as always. Not crazy about the “I was a former porn queen” story, but hey, Melinda Clarke will act the hell out of it.

Finally, Seth and Summer. AB and RB have so much chemistry. I just love them. And I think I can go to sleep dreaming about AB’s dimples and BMcK’s arms. I will have very sweet dreams if I do. BTW, I got the latest issue of Teen Vogue (at work people, at work, calm down. I run a middle school library it’s for the kids *cough*) and RB is on the cover. It was a cute little article. Nothing fantastic, but you can check it out. Okay, the bell is about to ring and that means I’ve got to actually work. TGIF. I so need a mental health day. What a shame I’ve been out of work so much this year, and not even for myself!
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