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You post a fave author for each day, March 6 through the 13. Tell why you picked them, give some links to their fic, say why you love them, their work, why they need more appreciation, and just wax poetic about your favorite authors for the entire week.
I must admit, it's hard choosing one person each day. You know I'm going to cave soon and do something like joey51 did...

Well today is nearly over, so I better post quickly. I have to choose brandywine421. Brandy is one of the most prolific fanfic writers out there 55 stories on the O.C. alone! and each time she writes something she churns out the angst and takes you right in. I know an update from Brandy always makes me smile, though it doesn't last for long, because her stories are usually sort of sad. I mean, take Spiral! That had the tears running down my cheeks.
Of course, there is a light funny side to Brandy. She is 50% of the team that wrote The Chinos and The Chinos Redux. She helped create Kimmie.
So hats off to Brandy!
And BTW, I WANT Spring already!
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