November 7th, 2005


Total Rambling Feel free to ignore.

I keep promising myself that I will post something that isn’t angsty.
Thanks to 60schic for her wonderful little fic just for me and wrapped in a shiny red bow.

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Did you know?
Londoners are apparently using a lot of cocaine. So much so that by the time the cocaine goes through their systems (bodies), into the sewage plants and all the filtration systems, and into the river Thames, there are approximately 4.4 lbs. of cocaine residue to be found? (I heard this on my local radio station. Oh! I found a link:

Steven Chbosky, author of the amazing title “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” wrote the screenplay for Ren?

Some guy managed to escape from death row. Got drunk and gave himself up to cops – or rather told them you know who I am? And well, they did. Does this guy not watch PrisonBreak? It’s hard to escape from Death row. You don’t just give yourself up!

Hee. Read this: “Ryan Atwood Fluffer”

Movies and teen smoking
So we should thank Fox for being responsible making Ryan quit smoking.