September 29th, 2005


Tylenol PMs suck

Last night, I took two Tylenol PMs. They've never worked for me in the past, but my mom insists that it keeps her asleep and that's been my problem this week, not the actual falling asleep. I slept until 5:40 a.m.
1. If I'm taking drugs to sleep, I'd like to at least sleep until the alarm
2. I'd also like to feel rested and I do not feel rested at all.
3. I'm more tired today, (the effect of the PMs still in my system?), than I have been all week.
So Tylenol PM sucks. Give me some good drugs.

I was able to download the VM episode. It rocks. I don't really compare it to The O.C. because the shows are so entirely different, aside for them being teen centric and set in CA. But Rob Thomas is the best writer ever. A HS librarian on one of my listservs left her job to write for the show this season. How cool is that? I think VM needs to visit the library once this season.

And at work, a technician came to fix my system today. He was going to replace the hub, but I didn't think it would work, because I knew the other people in the building were down. Well, the new hub made all the other problems disappear. Or maybe the other problem fixed itself. All I know is that I nearly jumped on the Tech and kissed him in front of a class of 8th graders. I was so giddy knowing I could do things normally. But then a teacher showed up Period 2. She was scheduled for next week. I was supposed to catch up and prepare for the next class. I didn't ask her to leave. So I went straight without a break until 1 p.m. (from 8 a.m.) At least I didn't think about rl.

My cousin's wife had a baby boy this afternoon. That coupled with my awful foreboding feeling reassured me that my grandmother is going to come through the surgery okay or as okay as she can. I know that sounds odd, but I had this awful feeling that they'd have a girl and then my grandmother would die on the table and they'd name their new daughter for her. (Something like that happened with my cousin. My aunt gave birth and a few days later her father died. But my cousin had been ill and the circumcision was delayed. We don't name babies until the circumcision [it's different for girls] so my aunt ended up naming her son for her father.) But when I get too crazy like that, I know things are going to be okay. I'm warped and tired. I know. Sadly, my other cousin's wife lost her grandmother, in the exact way I feared I'd lose mine. Her grandmother went in for surgery and didn't make it through. There's so much sadness in this world. Even at work, all we do is compare notes. It's sort of depressing. We should all go get drunk or something.

I promise you I'm not stoned.
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