September 18th, 2005


Random post

First of all, dogsbody01 just pointed out to me that in order to see an almost naked Ben this week we're going to have to see an almost naked Mischa too. Have we really thought this out?

And Friday, I was driving down to NJ with my mom. (As an aside: once I'd like my brothers, any one of them, to invite me down without mom. Even the nieces and nephews think we're married or something. It's pathetic.) But back to my point. We're driving down and hear an ad (on the radio) for Sex in the City five times a week.
Mom: I don't get how they can make that show okay for the regular networks.
Me: It's edited.
Mom: I know. But even so...
Me: Do you even watch the show?
Mom: Yes! I love it. (And very enthusiastic, I might add.)
Me: Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. (I was teasing...)
Mom: (Defensively) What? It's better than that OC you watch.
Me: (Clutching my heart.) What?
Mom: Yeah. that show. They're always having sex.
Me: There hasn't been any sex on that show since the first season. I mean, the big draw for next week's episode is that that two of the characters are going to finally do it!
Mom: Really?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Then maybe I'm watching the wrong show.

Mom watches the OC? Should I be afraid?
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