September 15th, 2005


From the Detroit Free Press
California scrappin'
"The O.C." (8 p.m., WJBK-TV, Channel 2, Fox). Be true to your school. Collapse )

The president speaks
"Presidential Address" (9 p.m., ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN and more). President George W. Bush addresses the nation from New Orleans on the national disaster trauma wrought by Hurricane Katrina and recovery efforts.

if the media cuts in early into the OC to discuss or predict what the president will say... I'm going to hunt them down. I want my OC Thursday!

Tonight on The OC

First of all, how come my VCR didn’t tape? I’m glad I was home or I would be having a major tantrum right now…
I’m not sure about this episode. It was okay. Entertaining. I didn’t get very excited about it, but I wasn’t deflated. You know, I could love it or leave it. Collapse )

And now I’m listening to the president so I can heckle him.