September 11th, 2005


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Some articles I saw about The O.C. Happy reading...
The 'OC' Returns
"A major character will leave, and we may find ourselves at another funeral this year, as well," Schwartz said.

ashlified posted this on Friday. It's the best interview I've read.
Page 2 by Bill Simmons
Sandy and Kirsten back and better than ever. Fully in love. Parenting the %#$@! out of their kids.

Peter Gallagher: Checking in with the coolest dad on TV
Adam Brody [who plays Seth] told me, 'I could never watch sex, lies and videotape,' " Gallagher says, referencing his 1989 erotic thriller. " 'The thought of looking at you with your clothes off and having sex would make me sick.' " Spoken like a real son

ETA: I never share music. So here's the song that I like this week from the premiere.