September 5th, 2005



*sniff* Today is my last day of vacation. Tomorrow morning I have a 6 a.m. wake-up call and I'm off to work. I know I should be grateful to have two months off. And I am. But it's hard going back, especially with the knowledge that my personal life is still pretty hectic and unsettled. The first thing I have to do is go to my boss/principal and reqeust time off on Wednesday. An auspicious start to an auspicious year?
And it's nearly 2 p.m. What have I done today? I sat and (copy) catalogued about 50 or 60 books that have been sitting in my house and trunk waiting to go back to school. The building was closed all summer so I couldn't drop it off. And I wasn't going to do work this summer... But I couldn't bear the thought of going back to work and schlepping all the books and not having them cataloged. Now I can drop them on the volunteer's desk and have her get them ready for the library and later on I can linke them to the computer before putting them out... The house looks a litte emptier already.
My back hurts, so I should really exercise.
On the bright side, if I'm as busy and crazy as I was in June, I'll lose some weight!
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How embarrassing....

Today was the last day of tax free week for clothes. So I dropped into a store I pass almost every day. There's a skirt in the window I just love. I tried it on and wasn't sure how it looked. So I turned to another woman in the store, a shopper (because a clerk would try to sell it to me) and asked her what she thought. I told her to be honest.
She looks me up and down and says, "do you have a proper top?"
I'm confused, because it's just a black top. It looks okay with it, but I wasn't necessarily looking to buy them together. So I ask, "excuse me?" (I should mention that the skirt was multi-colored.)
"Well," she says, "you should bring the color from the skirt back into the top."
"Oh," I answer. "I have a jacket this color that's perfect for the skirt." Which is why I wanted to try the skirt on.
"You should really bring the jacket in," she says.
"Thanks." I figure she's done. She hasn't mentioned if it's flattering or not. I turn to the mirror and study my reflection. I think it looks nice. I actually think it's sort of flattering. But the skirt is $129. I want to be sure.
The woman suddenly asks me, "What size do you wear? A 14?"
"No. I'm a 10," I say.
She looks her nose down at me and slowly asks, "You... mean... you... wear ... the ... same size as me?"
I got so red in the face.
Needless to say, I did not buy the skirt. If it made me look two sizes bigger than I am, it could not have been more flattering. And that's the last time I ask a stranger their opinion on how I look.
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Ryan Has a Secret 08

Title: Ryan Has a Secret
Genre: Angst/Humor
Rating: PG
Summary: Set after S2 finale. Ryan has withdrawn to the poolhouse and Sandy and Seth are mighty worried.

I should go to bed. The alarm is set for tomorrow, my first day back at work in two months. I'm sure there will be lots of mistakes. No Beta.
I don't own it.
Thanks for all the wonderful positive reviews. It's been fun writing this.

Read previous chapters here.
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