August 31st, 2005


A few random thoughts

A few weeks ago, I had been very upset about something and I e-mailed my cousin to “cry on her shoulder” while watching the news images of the Israelis being thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif. (a.k.a Gaza). I told her I felt silly for crying over my petty problems while I looked on at theirs… She wisely said to me: “And who said you're crying for the wrong things? According to that, we could never cry about anything, because there's always someone who's worse off than us.”

So right now I feel like that. I know I have my problems right now. I wouldn’t call them petty, but honestly, while seeing what’s happening in New Orleans and Mississippi – my problems seem like nothing.

All day, I was so worried about crashcmb and southergirl22 and thankfully they each contacted a Flister to let us know they’re all right. Yet, today was my let’s forget about things day… a day to unwind with my friend.

I’m pretty sure my friend rearranged her day so that I could tag along. She took the week off since her kids were between camp and day camp and she mentioned she was going to take them to the Build-a-Bear workshop in Manhattan. I tagged along. Her kids are absolutely adorable. Her son is 4 ½ and her daughter is 2 ½. They’re really easy (okay that’s relative) but they’re not whiny or too wild and like to have fun. They each had a bear from a previous visit and were coming to give they’re bear a bath and a new outfit. And I am such a baby. I went and got myself one.
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