August 15th, 2005



what I found in my purse tonight:
wallet, checkbook, business cards, toilet seat covers, Tylenol, Claritin, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, a pen.
what I didn't find: paper to
write on. And I needed paper...
because my trainer was late and I had nothing to do on her porch, but write! Finally, beyond a crumpled receipt and wrote on the back. It didn't last long enough, I wrote on the back of my deposit slips! I wrote I quite a bit, now I need to decipher.
I spent the day at work, training on my new tablet p.c. It's quite
cool. I can write by hand and it converts my handwriting into typing I'm doing it now!
It's frustrating sitting in a training, telling the instructor what to do- and know a) he's being paid 2x what you are and b) if the wedding hadn't been on 7/7 you could have been a trainer, making 2x what you are now. *sigh* It's all for the best!
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