August 3rd, 2005


Revelations Chapter 05

Title: Revelations
Chapter 5
Rating: Fiction Rated: PG-13
Summary: When Ryan visits his brother
in Chino he finds out the truth he wasn't expecting

Okay, I have not updated this story in months... I'm not sure if anyone even
remembers what this story is about or if you're even interested. So humor me.
I'm not giving anything up, I have a few chapters written and have just been
waiting on the Beta. Speaking of, thanks to Sister Rose for looking this
over and giving me input, even if I didn't take all the advice. My fault, not

ETA: Darn it! I'm editing this entry for the twentieth time! Thanks to cianconnell for her legal expertise that I'll be using starting in this chapter and in the next chapter. I bet she doesn't even remember giving me the information, because I've been sitting on this for like six months!

And I while I know Ben was looking at me the other day and he was blowing
me kisses and no one else, I harbor no delusions to owning the OC or any
of its characters.

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