June 5th, 2005


Music Meme

Romie tagged me. But I'm not exactly sure what six songs I'm supposed to pick. My favorites?
It's sort of ironic that this meme is going around, just as I got my new ipod and I was thinking of posting a "music moron" post to help me learn about music... but in any case songs I love are sort of ephemeral. It comes and goes changes with the wind. You know how it goes...
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Tag... I'm not sure who hasn't been tagged so anyone who wants go ahead. I need song ideas for my new ipod!
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Another Meme

Oh... I like this one!

How would you be spending the weekend if you were in an OC fanfic? by brandywine421
Who would knock on your door all hot and bothered?Ryan and Luke, drunk and looking to score
What would they ask you?"Wanna have hot sex on the kitchen table?"
How much would you enjoy the end result?: 77%
How many people would you tell about it?617
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My crazy, hectic, but wonderful weekend...(well, most of it)

First of all, you were all very prolific this weekend and it's taken me forever to read through all those LJ posts and I didn't really touch the fiction yet... I have a day off Thursday, and lately, I haven't been working at work... so I'll just catch up there... But if you're interested read about my weekend...
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