May 27th, 2005


Need a laugh?

If you're a Bush supporter you might find this offensive, so don't read... and I'm not cutting! so just scroll down.

Crawford, Texas (not AP) - A tragic fire this morning destroyed the
personal library of President George W. Bush. The fire began in the
presidential bathroom where both of the books were kept. Both of his
books have been lost. A presidential spokesman said the president was
devastated, as he had almost finished coloring the second one.

I love my mom's friend. She has a wicked sense of humor!
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Books My Obsession

1) Total number of books owned? I don't know. I have one bookcase full... but lately I don't keep much considering for the past seven years I've worked in one library or another and have practically any book I want at my fingertips.
2) The last book I bought? For me, right? Not the library :) Not sure either one is that easy to answer. I believe it's The Librarian by Beinhart. Yeah, I know. I'm obvious! I saw the book and couldn't resist. But I still have not read it!
3)The last book I read? Shrimp by Rachel Cohn. I was halfway through this one and panicked, because I purchased it for my collection. But it's way too racy for eleven-year-olds. I'm not sure if I can put it out. I'm waiting for someone I trust at work to read it and give me their opinion. The problem is that it's a sequel and the kids love the first book.
4) 5 books that meant a lot to me?
a- The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I don't reread books much, but I must have read this one a million times.
b- The Catcher in the Rye by Sallinger. My friend told me I should try to read it. I said, no. It's a classic. She said trust me. wink wink and well I knew what she meant. And yup after reading it I thought classics can't be that bad. Years later on a second read, I didn't like it that much!
c-Saving Francesca by Melinda Marchetta. Too lazy to look up her name... I might be wrong... But this one deals with a parent's depression in an honest funny way and well I was able to identify with it a lot.
d-Life in the Semester of a Garbage Can by Gordon Korman. This totally changed my reading. I always thought (as a teen) for a book to be good it had to be dark and sad. I don't remember why I picked this up, but I did, and it made me realize you can laugh and a book can be good. I got to meet the author and tell him this. Which is really cool. He's Canadian BTW and he wrote his first book at the age of 12 and it was published by the time he was 14!
e-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and -Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling. It was my graduation present to myself when I finished my MLS. That was when the buzz started. I had to read it, and ordered it from amazon, but would not read it until I finished my Thesis. It was torture!

5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their LJs
And anyone else who wants to play!
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