April 28th, 2005


Dulcey's Gift Part V

I'm so disappointed that the O.C. was not on. Well, we won't be seeing the Cohen men + 1 in Miami, but I wrote most of this chapter in Miami. So hopefully it will make up for it. Thanks again to chazper for betaing. (Is that how you write it?) And I fiddled with it after she read through, so all mistakes are min.

And I don't own the O.C. or any of its characters... Though Gigi is all mine. An aside, I went to see the horse track in Miami. And my friend bet on a horse, I didn't notice the name until after, because the horse was wearing purple and it's my friend's favorite color. Well, I should have bet on the horse, because it came in first. And what was its name? Gigi's Charm.

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