April 26th, 2005


Hello from the sunshine state

I've been in withdrawal. I've been gone for five days and it's been like four since I got online. That's torture for me. Real torture and I've missed you all. I'm trying to download and read all the fic that I've been missing... thankfully there's a lot and that will make great poolside reading. (Saving the pages to my hard drive...) But this dial-up connection is just soooooo slow.
Florida is jut awesome. I've been taking early morning runs on the beach (because I just can't sleep late) and of course thinking of new scenes for fanfic, cuz the Atlantic, the Pacific, they pretty much look the same to me. (Actually, I thought the Pacific was much nicer this summer.) It helps to have the laptop, so I can keep writing. Notebooks would work, but laptops are better :)
Mostly, it's been sitting out by the pool getting my tan. THe other day, I was out by the pool still dressed from morning services at the synagogue. And I had a black skirt on, stocking and I still got a sunburn on my legs. And my ear got burned. Hell, who puts sunblock on their ears? Well, I will from now on. It hurts! But the good news is, that burn that I got a few weeks ago from the hot water, either the sun has healed it, or the tan has made it all blend in.
I love the relaxation. I really have not been thinking of *gasp* work. We're flying back on "OC Thursday" but I'll still be offline for a while. We're finishing the week at my brother.
Oh, and my other brother, *hee* was in Detroit visiting his in-laws and was stuck in 13 inches of non-sticking snow. Talk about having fun rubbing in the sunshine.