April 18th, 2005


PD Hell

Three years ago when the UFT signed a new contract with the mayor the teachers agreed to work 100 minutes more a week in exchange for more money. (In essence, we didn’t get a raise, because we’re working more, but that’s another story.) In the three years since the contract was signed, there has been much back and forth on how to use the minutes. Logic would have it that we give it to the children. (But that’s another story.) This year, the 100 minutes is mandated as professional development two Mondays every month. It’s PD hell.
And today took the cake.
Three very happy, chipper, people from Outward Bound who should be shot, wanted us to play games to build our team spirit. I think we were all a united team in saying that we didn’t want to be there and had better things to do.
They had us thumb wrestling. And my partner didn’t know how to thumb wrestle. I know she’s my mother’s age, but puhlease, my mother can thumb wrestle. (I think, I better go check.) Then they wanted us to stomp on plates. I left at that point and went to unpack boxes in the library. It wasn’t even a solitary experience, because I spent all my time on the phone with very nice customer service reps from my vendors going over which orders are where and why did I get 35 copies of a the right title but wrong author book? (It was really my fault, but the vendor is taking the blame so I can get my money back.)

Then after work, I’m walking down the street to pick up some milk. My foot gets caught in some empty plastic bag that’s floating around in the wind and I fall flat on my face. It wasn’t too terrible, but my knee and ankle hurt now… But everyone was so nice, asking if I was okay. I was. Mostly it was my pride that was hurt.

I’ve been saying I would do this for months. As soon as the weather gets nice I’m going to have a jog outside. I will not run on the treadmill (indoors) or work with my trainer. I will enjoy the great outdoors. Did it. Sweated a lot. Happy.

Now very tired….
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