April 14th, 2005


Measure for Measure

This morning I arrive at work and am hanging up my jacket, when the cell rings. It's my mom. She was emptying out the urn and spilled hot water all over her hand. Sound familiar? If you read my last post, it should. Except, unlike her, I'm all concerned. Run it under cold water. Is it blistering? Where did it go? On your fingers, maybe you should consider seeing a doctor. I'm all sympathy. I tell her to call me and tell me if it starts to blister. She's crying/laughing and saying it serves her right for not having more sympathy for me earlier this week when I burned my hand. Now she knows how much it hurts. It sort of is ironic that she was so unsympathetic to me and now this happened to her...
It's O.C. Thursday. Yay!
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