April 1st, 2005



I subscribe to a Journal for Young Adult Librarians - VOYA - through work and this month, besides having a new updated format, the issue's theme is a celebration of teen writing. One of the articles focused on Fanfiction. "All Shapes of Hunger Teenagers and Fanfiction."
I'm really annoyed that they didn't link the article on their website so that I can share it. (There's hope that they will link it, because they haven't updated it for this month.) There's a whole page on fanfic slang. Slash, Mary Sue (Finally understand what that is!), spoilers, squee, squick, etc. I didn't even realize how many sites there are devoted to fanfic. It talks about why people write, the recognition writers receive, communities that have sprung up... I just find it really exciting that something I've immersed myself in is gaining recognition in my profession.
Should I worry that the article talks about teen writers and readers of fanfic? Nah.... the author, another middle school librarian, claims to be an avid reader and writer of fanfic!
And my alarm is ready to go off in 3 1/2 hours. Why am I up? Why can't I sleep?