March 29th, 2005


Dulcey's Gift Part III

There are lots of thank yous today. First of all, thanks for all the kind reviews. They really keep me going. So click on that review button on the end. Thanks to chazper for acting as Beta. Thanks to Swenglish for differentiating between ADD and ADHD to give my story a more authentic feel. And finally, thanks to cheekymice, who may not realize it from reading the chapter, but it was her idea on LJ that got me through the dinner scene. (No the resemblance isn't there, but it was what you said about how Caleb and Julie would react.)

This is for Dulcey.

And I don't own any of the O.C. or its characters, but today their shenanigans are mine!

Original Request:
PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Ryan, Seth, Julie, Caleb, and whoever else you want to add. As for pairings, um, non-slash, and preferably not Ryan/Marissa. Anything else goes.
PREFERRED LENGTH: how long do you want the story to be? At least a decent-sized one-shot (1,000+ words).
SCENARIO and PLOT: Kirsten and Sandy are going away for the weekend, but the boys have gotten into some sort of trouble recently, and they don't want to leave them home alone so they send Seth and Ryan to stay with Julie and Caleb.
SMUT: Not necessary, although if you want to add some DHR I won't complain a bit!
SPECIFICS: I'd like to see the boys trying to sneak out of the house, to meet their girlfriends or go to some party, anything that will result in them getting caught and trying to explain their way out of trouble. Caleb doesn't hate Ryan as much as in the past several episodes, and his giving the boys a talk about girls and sex is optional, but would be wonderful if you're so inclined.

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I really am sick. I even went to the doctor so he could confirm it. (Actually, I went to the doctor so I could document being sick for work, because I ran out of sick days.) I have a sinus infection.
Anyway, I went to work this morning and left after after ten a.m. Yup, I barely lasted two hours. I felt like crap. Now, I'm still feeling lousy, but I could probably drag myself in, but the doctor said I didn't have to go back until Thursday. My only misgiving is that I'm expecting four new computers and two projectors to come in tomorrow... I'll have to call in and prepare the backup person. One more day at home writing fanfic won't kill me.