March 22nd, 2005


Dulcey's Gift Part II

This was written as a gift for Dulcey... she posted the challenge and I accepted.

Here's her request:

PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Ryan, Seth, Julie, Caleb, and whoever else you want to add. As for pairings, um, non-slash, and preferably not Ryan/Marissa. Anything else goes.
PREFERRED LENGTH: how long do you want the story to be? At least a decent-sized one-shot (1,000+ words).
SCENARIO and PLOT: Kirsten and Sandy are going away for the weekend, but the boys have gotten into some sort of trouble recently, and they don't want to leave them home alone so they send Seth and Ryan to stay with Julie and Caleb.
SMUT: Not necessary, although if you want to add some DHR I won't complain a bit!
SPECIFICS: I'd like to see the boys trying to sneak out of the house, to meet their girlfriends or go to some party, anything that will result in them getting caught and trying to explain their way out of trouble. Caleb doesn't hate Ryan as much as in the past several episodes, and his giving the boys a talk about girls and sex is optional, but would be wonderful if you're so inclined.

Thanks again to chazper who read, reviewed, and corrected this chapter. And thanks to smc36 who identified what car Marissa drives this season.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of it... But I'll gladly exchange "my" library for a part of it. Yeah, I didn't think that would work.

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