February 24th, 2005


Here's to the O.C. Obsessed

I had fun today. I was up way early so that I could go into the city for a publisher’s preview of children and young adult books to be released this summer. I don’t go to the city often, and it’s always fun to venture in; especially seeing all the different people. And that’s when I get to see how badly obsessed I am. There was a blonde-hair, blue-eyed man wearing a dark blue jumpsuit. And I automatically thought of Ryan and maudgonne13. (So this guy could have been Ryan’s father, but my mind still went there.)
At the meeting, I saw people I’ve know for years through work, and I also arranged to meet up with friends/colleagues. We made plans to “putter” around the city afterwards and just have a fun day out. One of my friends is a fellow O.C. addict, though not to the extent I am. (I’ve told her about fanfic, but she won’t bite.) And again we had the opportunity to see how thoroughly obsessed we are. Like when they started talking about this book Pool Boy by Michael Simmons. It’s coming out in paperback and the editor described it as something you would enjoy if you like the O.C. Yup, we started elbowing each other and grinning widely. Then an author was presenting her book, where a parent is in jail, and she said how difficult it was for kids whose parents are in jail. That it was a growing population. And yes, my friend whispers to me, like Ryan.
So *holds up glass* Here’s to the O.C. obsessed. More power to you. Who cares? We’re having fun and that’s all that counts.

More Banned Books

Well, this banned books meme has really got everyone outraged. Yay! It made me remember that I had come up with a display for banned books for an assignment when taking a YA Literature Class. It includes a select number of books and the reason it was banned. (My favorite is Huck Finn.)
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Mostly, Americans are afraid of sex and violence. But then you wonder about television.