February 22nd, 2005


What I did on my MidWinter Break Part #1

Gakked from silverweave
Commute from hell by Silverweaver
Mode of transportScooter: I'm so cool it hurts.
Sits next tochazper
readingEach Peach Pear Plum
Listening toThe mindless humming of the drunk opposite
and secretly wishingMen had the babies, women did the beast gathering
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Gakked from everyone:
What my lj buds would be doing to Ryan if they could! by cheekymice
Make him a sandwichcrimsonclad
give him a blow jobromie007
Clean his toiletlizzyjit
Have hot sextransatlantica
Be his bitchmel39
Cover him with whipped creamdulcineah1
Mother himsmittie681
Bondage sessionavoidingnemo
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Okay, 60schic inspired to write down what I’ve done over my vacation. Collapse )

Hell, I did a lot in the past four days! And there are still three more days to get things done. Have a pretty long list to get done, though. Like the essay for my application. Yikes!
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