February 20th, 2005


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Okay, so on Thursday, I saw the "famous" Central Park Gates but up by the artists Christo and his partner Jean-Claude. I thought they were ugly. It was just my opinion.
What I said about the gates on Thursday and how you responded
Anyway, my favorite thing to do Saturday mornings is to sit with a cup of coffee and read through the New York Times and today I was not disappointed. Because there was tons to read, especially about the gates. I was laughing really hard.
Christo Shmisto. Try Cheetoh.
My favorite part of this article was:
"And hundreds of thousands are strolling through this outdoor living room, whispering about the bold choice of color.
Which is orange, by the way, not saffron. A Home Depot, Nedick's, traffic-cone orange, an orange that has been one of New York's colors since the days of the Dutch.
An orange the color of Cheetos, like the ones that a mother was doling out the other day to calm her distraught young daughter after a walk through Central Park. "I'm sorry," the mother said. "But that was 'The Gates.'"

Then there was this article:
With $3.50 and a Dream, the 'Anti-Christo' Is Born
Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks the gates are ugly!