February 18th, 2005


Bad Karma

I know I’ve ranted before about how the Internet doesn’t work in the building where I work. And it really sucks to have a library now-a-days without Internet access, but I’ve been coping for the past five months. And supposedly, they’re working to rewire the building. The thing is, the virus that shut our Internet down, killed our LAN server. I have a file server in the library, which hosts my circulation system. But it goes to the LAN server and slowly but surely, one by one, the computers in the library realized that there was nothing downstairs and they stopped networking. So five computers couldn’t access the library’s OPAC. Four computers can’t print, because it doesn’t network. And one computer was my circ computer. And while it’s annoying to have only one computer for circulation it’s livable. Apparently, to shut up administration TPTB downtown decided to give a limited number of computers Internet access by bypassing most of the protocol. (Not needing the LAN computer) I just erased my rant, because it’s tangential to the rest of this rant. But I didn’t get Internet access. I don’t rank. But I bitched enough and today, the computer teacher (probably feeling really good, because he’s driving down to Florida tonight and has a week off) came into my room and got one computer online. I was thrilled! Of course, I did nothing productive with the Internet, but went on LJ instead. (Could have done a book order or something. Still have money to spend.) Anyway, I must have bad Karma or something because I was talking to a teacher about the fact that the principal calls me today and asked what I’m doing for professional development on the day we return from vacation, basically ruining my vacation, because now I’m stuck preparing this over the week, and knocked my foot against the surge protector, pulled a plug, unplugged half the computers. Well, the circ computer that was working was among them and when it rebooted, it no longer recognized the domain and will not circ computers. This can go on for a month, until the building’s network is up and running. Which means, I have to figure out a long term solution to not being automated and now to get the outstanding books from 300+ students. But I’m on vacation next week and I shall not fret. But boy do I have bad karma! [/end rant]
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