February 17th, 2005


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So how come I’m so tired if I didn’t even go to work today? I stayed home to take mom to the doctor. It was good/optimistic news. The doctor said she’s healing nicely from the surgery, they lowered her oxygen intake, and tomorrow she’ll be starting her treatment. And while it’ll take months to see all the results, he said she should start feeling better within three weeks.

The trip into the city just knocked me out. (I also saw those hideous gates they added to Central Park. Supposedly, it’s some artist’s art project. It looks like a construction site. Ew! Can’t believe someone spent $20 million dollar putting up those awful things – and is calling it art too! See for yourself The Gates

So mom is bored and makes me watch Oprah with her. Which is fine, because I do like Oprah. And I started to look at her website. (No TV without a laptop… I’m attached.) Anyway, there’s a link if you want to be on her show with upcoming topics, and while I didn’t see anything with the O.C. I did notice this…. Are You The Biggest Fan of a Young Celebrity? So who’s going to apply? Who will be on the Oprah show and meet BMcK or AB?