February 15th, 2005


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All in all it wasn’t a bad day.
This morning I dropped my cell phone on the street. I didn’t even realize it until a couple of girls came into the main office asking what they should do with it. I recognized it immediately, thanked them profusely. I called their mom to tell them how wonderful they were for doing a good deed. So my last stop of the day before going home was to pick up a small thank you gift. I put a quarter in the meter and I was out within 15 minutes. (Meters are for thirty minutes) and a meter maid is writing out a ticket. Excuse me, I said, but I wasn’t out for long enough for the meter to expire. And the meter maid snottily answered, well I’m already writing out the summons. I stopped for a minute, waited, and then got into my car and drove away without taking the ticket.
Not sure what happens when you do that.
I assume it will eventually catch up with me.
But f*** the city … I don’t mind feeding the quarters in. I don’t mind paying for tickets I deserved (like the one I should have gotten for parking by a pump for twenty minutes or so!). But if you can’t keep your equipment going properly, then don’t hassle me! (/end rant)

ETA: This afternoon was parent/teacher conference. I have to stick around, but I basically do nothing. Sometimes parents come to talk to me about their kids overdues or to *gasp* see the library. The kids were dismissed at 11:30 and we had an hour lunch. I stopped at my box and got my mail. The library's copy of Time Magazine had arrived. The cover story... "What Teachers Hate About Parents." How appropo! I thought 60schic might get a kick out of that.
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