February 8th, 2005


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First of all, I can’t believe I left the library to sneak off to a computer that has Internet access to post on my LJ, but I’m in the mood.
I take back every mean thing I’ve said about New Yorkers. I had to go to the post office to ship off four cartons of supplies to another library. With four boxes, I needed to be as close to the post office as possible. The only spot was on top of snow and like an idiot I tried for it. It didn’t look like too much and it’s been melting all around the city. Well, I got stuck. And after three minutes of trying and thinking oh my goodness, what am I going to do, three people came out to help me. And a very nice man took my shovel and got me out! Then, I was parked too far from the post office, so stopped a high school student on the way to school (asked if he was late) and offered a dollar for him to help. He took my boxes and wouldn’t take the dollar.
So, I take back all those things about New Yorkers being rude. (At least for today.)
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