January 26th, 2005


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This afternoon, I went with my mother for her follow-up appointment at the pulmonary doctor. And as we expected he said she would need the biopsy. He recommended the more invasive procedure, because the bronchoscope doesn’t usually yield enough of a tissue sample. We saw a surgeon right away, and I really liked him, but we both left the office with a dark cloud over our heads. We scheduled the surgery for Monday. It's major surgery. She'll be under general anesthesia and they cut three small holes in her side and back, but to take the sample they must first collapse the lungs. It's a minimum one to two day hospital stay... not the five the first doctor mentioned. The ride home was awful. I started to get tense, and antsy, and teary-eyed.
But then I came home and went upstairs to visit my cousin (who came home from the hospital this evening) and held the most perfect little baby all rosy and pink. Oh God, she’s beautiful. All the tension and fear just melted away. Because all must be right with the world after witnessing such a miracle.
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