January 22nd, 2005


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It’s snowing outside. Really snowing. They’re expecting 12” to 18” by tomorrow night. I have a few problems with this: a – I hate shoveling snow. Really hate it. And it’s always left to me. At least I live in a building, so I don’t have to shovel the sidewalk. I only have to dig the cars out (mine and my mothers). b – Parking and driving will be a bitch and they won’t cancel school Monday. (I doubt it. Because the storm should be over by then.) But even if they do cancel school, I was told there are exactly 180 days in the school year and that would mean we have to work an extra day to make it up. That’s the law.

Not to mention, I haven’t really seen many updates. So staying indoors is getting a bit annoying. So feed my boredom people. Write and update.
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